OCS Inventory 2.4 has been released


OCS Inventory 2.4 has been released

By Damien Belliard on December 6, 2017.

The OCS Inventory Team is pleased to announce that our server version 2.4 has been released

You can download it on the following link : OCS Inventory Server 2.4

This release have 3 major improvements :

  • A brand new REST API have been created and can retrieve all the informations without directly querying the database. Also, it can be really useful to connect with third party softwares. A documentation will be available soon on how to use this new API.
  • Our datatable research system has been greatly improved by adding columns search. Our predictive search can be now used to only search on specific columns. This will help you to make better and more complex search without using our multi-criteria search.
  • Our deployment system have been improved for redistribution infrastructure. From now, you can assign redistribution packages to machines from a dynamic group and static groups. That will help people who use redistribution to improve their deployment workflow.

The UI has been improved a lot in this version, to simplify your daily use of our product :

  • Complete rework on the old datetime picker
  • Add show / hide column functionality for software search
  • Machine details tabs will now follow the page and prevent user for scroll up for changing tab
  • Improve datatable informations visibility
  • Improve admin data visibility for read only profiles
  • Improve machine inventory workflow by adding a network tab on computers
  • Improve statistics management
  • Number of entries have been updated to show more entries

Some misc changes have also been done on the interface :

  • Add SSL support for plugin engine
  • Improve CSV export
  • Improve WOL function
  • Improve setup detection method
  • Minor bugs fix

Finally, some languages has been updated by our contributors :

  • French
  • English
  • Brasillian / Portuguese
  • Japanese

A lot of these changes has been driven by the community, thanks for helping us.

OCS Inventory NG Team

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