OCS Inventory 2.3.1


OCS Inventory 2.3.1

By Damien Belliard on March 15, 2017.

The OCS Inventory team is pleased to announce that the server has been released in 2.3.1 stable version
You can download it on the following link : OCS Inventory 2.3.1 Stable

In this minor version, we focused on fixing bugs reported by the community.
Besides, minors changes have been done on the web console translations and visuals.
Server data management has also been improved to manage malformed data to prevent crash.

Web Interface
  • English translation update
  • German translation update
  • Japanese translation update
  • Portugese / Brazilian translation update
  • Update dashboard’s message page
  • Update notes form display
  • Update all software search to be more ergonomic
  • We improved all the user / profile management system
  • Remove some old glyphicons
  • Remove unused libraries
  • Fix bugs ( See summary here ) -> Github
  • Add custom sort field on SOAP web service
  • Update Ocsinventory.pm to manage non utf8 characters
  • Add hash management to prevent crash on incorrect inventory data
  • Fix bugs ( See summary here ) -> Github

All the bug fixing and testing relied heavily on contributions from people on GitHub.

Thanks to our contributors for their hard work !

OCS Inventory team

Posted on 2017 March 15 in Non classé

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