• Inventory functionalities

OCS Inventory NG use an agent which launch an inventory on the clients computers, and a management’s server which retrieve the inventory results. You will be able to see all inventoried data, detected network devices and finally create deployment packets from the webconsole. The communication between the agents and the server are made with the HTTP and HTTPS procotol. Data are formatted with XML and Zlib to reduce the bandwidth usage. The management’s server is composed of :

  • Database Server
  • Communication Server
  • Deployment Server
  • Administration Interface



TYPE Physical machine/Virtual machine
LOGICS DISKS / PARTITIONS Drive letter assignment, Type (USB, hard disk, cd-rom, network, RAM…), File system (FAT, FAT32, NTFS, EXT4 …), capacity in MB, free space in MB.
OPERATING SYSTEMS Detailed system informations, Users Informations, Registered company, Registered Owner, Registered
Product (ID)
SOFTWARES Extracted from the register’s base like exposed in “Programs” of the Control Panel : Name, Publisher, Version, Language, Installation’s name ,Architecture (32 or 64), List of Hotfix.
Manufacturer, Resolution, Description, Type, Serial number.
SCREEN Manufacturer, Resolution, Description, Type, Serial number.
COMPUTER’S DESCRIPTION As exposed in the identification tab of the network parameters’ dialog box.

Posted on 2015 December 30 in Fonctionnalités EN

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