• illu_communaute
    • Usefull inventory informations
    • Advanced deployment system which can deploy software or execute scripts without overload the network.
    • User friendly web administration interface
    • Support a lot of operating systems as:
      Microsoft Windows, Linux, BSD, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX, MacOS X, Android
    • Using standard and well known protocol such as HTTP/HTTPS and XML formatting
    • Web service with a SOAP interface
    • Plugin support with API
    • IP Discover
    • Link with GLPI

  • illu_fonctionnalites

    • Inventory functionalities

    OCS Inventory NG use an agent which launch an inventory on the clients computers, and a management’s server which retrieve the inventory results. You will be able to see all inventoried data, detected network devices and finally create deployment packets from the webconsole. The communication between the agents and the server are made with the HTTP and HTTPS procotol. Data are formatted with XML and Zlib to reduce the bandwidth usage. The management’s server is composed of :

    • Database Server
    • Communication Server
    • Deployment Server
    • Administration Interface



    TYPE Physical machine/Virtual machine
    LOGICS DISKS / PARTITIONS Drive letter assignment, Type (USB, hard disk, cd-rom, network, RAM…), File system (FAT, FAT32, NTFS, EXT4 …), capacity in MB, free space in MB.
    OPERATING SYSTEMS Detailed system informations, Users Informations, Registered company, Registered Owner, Registered
    Product (ID)
    SOFTWARES Extracted from the register’s base like exposed in “Programs” of the Control Panel : Name, Publisher, Version, Language, Installation’s name ,Architecture (32 or 64), List of Hotfix.
    Manufacturer, Resolution, Description, Type, Serial number.
    SCREEN Manufacturer, Resolution, Description, Type, Serial number.
    COMPUTER’S DESCRIPTION As exposed in the identification tab of the network parameters’ dialog box.
  • illu_fonction_teledeploiement


    OCS Inventory NG includes a packet deployment solutions on remote computers. From the server’s administration interface, you can send the packets which will be downloaded using HTTP/HTTPS and launched by the distants computers’ agent..


    • Low bandwidth usage
    • Deployment’s status
    • Statistics from deployed packages

    How to deploy ?

    You have to create a packet with the administration’s interface.
    Once the packet is created, you need to activate it.
    Finally, you choose on which computers you want to deploy the packet and you install it.


  • Network discover

    Hardware discovery take place in two steps

    In the first place, the IP search module detects the hardware on the network, even equipped with a firewall. Once an agent has received the order to proceed the IP scan, it identifies the first network interface to use. He try to resolve all other IP address in the subnet using the ARP protocol. All the IP scan data are sent to the server (XML format).

    In a second time, SNMP scan (function added in OCS Inventory NG 2.0) will improve data received by IP discover. Using SNMP scan, you’ll be able to get informations from network devices : scanner, computer without agent, router, etc.

  • Web Service

    You can now connect ocsinventory-ng with a 3rd party software !

    Since version 2.4, a REST API Web Service is available. This one is available from the OCS Inventory NG communication server.

    You can read the developer’s documentation to understand how to access to the inventory data retrieved with our REST API.

  • Supported OS

    System OCS Inventory Agent OCS Inventory Server
    Windows Vista Home OK NO
    Windows Vista Business OK NO
    Windows Server 2003/2003 R2 NO NO
    Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 OK NO
    Windows Seven Home OK NO
    Windows Seven Professional OK NO
    Windows Server 2012 R2 OK NO
    Windows 8 OK NO
    Windows 8 Professional OK NO
    Windows 10 Professional OK NO
    System OCS Inventory Agent OCS Inventory Server
    CentOS OK OK
    Debian OK OK
    Fedora OK OK
    Gentoo OK OK
    Knoppix OK OK
    Mandriva OK OK
    Redhat OK OK
    SuSE OK OK
    Slackware OK OK
    Trustix OK NO
    Ubuntu OK OK
    System OCS Inventory Agent OCS Inventory Server
    Android 2.x OK NO
    Android 4.x OK NO
    Android 5.x OK NO
    Android 6.x OK NO
    System OCS Inventory Agent OCS Inventory Server
    OSX Snow leopard OK OK
    OSX Lion OK OK
    OSX Mountain Lion OK OK
    OSX Mavericks OK OK
    OSX Yosemite OK OK
    OSX ElCapitan OK OK
    System OCS Inventory Agent OCS Inventory Server
    OpenBSD OK OK
    NetBSD OK OK
    FreeBSD OK OK
    Solaris OK OK
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