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OCS Inventory NG 2.3 Stable

By Damien Belliard on January 12, 2017.

The OCS Inventory team is pleased to announce that agents, tools and server have been released in 2.3 stable version
You can download it on the following link  : OCS Inventory 2.3 Stable

All the fix bug and testing relied heavily on contributions from people on GitHub.
Their input was invaluable, and we want to thanks them all for their help


Webconsole changelog

  • A complete rework using the bootstrap framwork has been done to improve design and responsivity
  • We improved all the inventory data readability
  • Tables now save your sorting orders / number of entries
  • We updated icons and images to the new graphics chart
  • Japanese language now supported officiel ( thus some translation may be missing, feel free to contribute )
  • We added a option to force inventory on the machine startup for windows agent ( disabled by default )
  • We also added a option which display a message if a new ocsinventory version is available.
  • We improved all the user / profile management system
  • The new console is now fully compatible with php7
  • All libraries has been updated
  • We cut off all the dead code to improve readability and contribution ease for developers
  • Fix bug

Server changelog

  • Bad character management added
  • Improve overall data management
  • Improve installation setup in order to be compliant with more OS
  • Fix bug


Windows Agent
  • Improve inventoried data
  • Fix crash in some cases
  • Update openssl to be compliant with TLS 1.2
  • SNMP Inventory are now working properly
  • Update project to newer versions of visual studio
  • Improve network cards inventory and add MTU data
  • Update icons / images to the new graphics chart.
  • Simplify project to make contribution easier
Unix Agent
  • Docker container inventory has been added
  • Storages support MegaCli data
  • Better storage inventory
  • Improve overall inventory quality
  • Rework on Solaris inventory data
  • Add MTU to networks cards
  • Improve mutliple network interface inventory
  • Improve Physical / Logical cpu inventory
  • Add support for FreeBSD Jails
  • Code clean up
  • Fix bug
Android Agent
  • New configuration menu
  • Add configuration options
  • Improve inventory
  • Add new inventory data
  • Complet redesign using materialize design
  • Clean up code
  • Now using android studio for developpement
  • Lower ram comsuption
  • Bugs fix

We updated the tools to be compliant with newer version of Visual C++ Redistributable to improve execution on newer operating system. ( Win 7 to Win 10 )

We also upgraded our tools’ projects to Visual Studio 2013 which mean an easier contribution process for developers and contributors.

NOTE : Using new redistributable versions also mean that we drop Windows XP compatibility of all tools, if you still want to use these tools with XP you need to pick up the old versions on Github.

OCS Inventory team

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